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    That film sounds interes
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In context to the first scene

Interesting is the way of initiating the first scene. At first you see the scene of the big city, the london tube, the platforms, the stairs. All these is blurred. After that the camera fixates the can on the ground. The voice of the group is getting louder and finialy you can see the group. Firstly the faces, but the camera is still regid, so the group leave the picture and the camera fixes Pete Dunham, the leader of the group, how he kicks the can.



These Scene has a big meaningfulness. On the one hand the blurred representation of the urban elements could stand for the anonymity in the city. Because there is no point directly fixed and everything is blurred and flits over. On the other hand decribes the representation of the tube the restlessness and the fact that the city never sleeps, even if it seems that way. Because of the dim light and abandoned platforms. And finaly the fixed camera on the can and the following kicking stand for the urban life which is determined by other symbols and metaphors as the rurale existence.


The following abuse between the rival firms is more important to develop the story as the representation of the city. Yet even here, the urban has a clear influence. Because their are clear territorial boundaries within the city and the member of the enemy group aren´t welcome in their own city.

During the insults, the tension starts moving higher and the viewer could think that the first items are used as projectiles., arrives the tube and split of the groups for a moment. After that the fight begins.

Here the tube could be a symbol for the urbanisation, wich is on the one hand able to divide people for moments but on the other hand its able to carry them quickly to each other.






 The ensuing brawl is characterized mainly by the rapid camera settings. By special camerawork appears the scenery of the city very intensive.



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