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   16.03.15 08:24
    That film sounds interes
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This movie is a part of my top five. I’d like to emphasize the fact that the camera work into these Hooligan-fights is absolutly stunning. Partly I have the feeling to be a part in there.

Thus, the film manages it in 106 minutes to bring the hooligan culture closer to the viewer. In addition you develop a personal relationship to the main charakters.

The different representations of the city show impressively that everyone can get into the spiral of violence, irrespectively of their city district or social status. It's not said that hooligans come from ghettos only
9.3.15 15:06


The reason of the student

Matt Buckner, son of New York times journalist Carl Buckner was kicked from the elite Uni for having drugs, however he believes that it was this toom mates cocaine. He travels to england from his hush money to visit his sister in his new flat. There he meets the chief of the Green Street Elite, Pete Dunham. He goes with him to a football game.

And that is the reason why these inconspicuous student fall into the GSE.



9.3.15 14:55

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